How to Use Hashtags in Instagram Strategically to Increase Sales?

The least-known hashtag, which emerged from Twitter, has tremendously crossed the boundaries and has now become the staple of several social media sites. This small symbol has become the trendsetter and the basic need of a lot of followers, including both companies and individuals. Honing on the growing market, advertisers have truly enjoyed the chance to make their content popular on Instagram which has huge growth potential nowadays. Instagram #hashtags have become the important part of social selling focus and they are moving forward with the aesthetic and visual focus of the platform. It is always wise to address the use of a hashtag on this medium to let marketers make right moves.

Here’s How You Can Use Hashtags on Instagram

Be Specific

When it comes to adding hashtags on the image, don’t overdo it. Don’t be vague because a generic or broad hashtag can take your usual post on a larger feed. Users need to shift with the things which are not related closely to the brand. Instead, you need to bring something specific to target your market so your image gets into the group of smaller and relevant feed. So users can narrow down when they are looking for something, instead of seeing the huge list of irrelevant results. Add your location if it is not clear from the image. If your service or brand is operating in a specific town or region, you need to let them know.  If you are targeting an international market as a larger corporation, it is not important to have a location hashtag.

Tag Yourself

Be sure to tag your own brand in the post. Create a hashtag for your company and be sure to upload your images every time. You may be surprised that many people forget to do it. Utilizing and creating your hashtag can give you a direct link to the Instagram feed of your brand back from the place where someone found it. If you put something without your brand name, it would be pointless. It is true that it is not necessary to have your brand image or logo on everything you put.

Do Your Own Research

Check out where the competition is going. Look for the brands which have similar offerings and see if they are using hashtags which can garner any attention. Add the same to your post till it’s relevant. Along with being specific, you should do your research and use something which is beneficial. Stay up to date with breaking news and trending topics. You should always be aware of current events on the web as hashtags on these trends are more likely to go viral. Make your post relate to anything happening or tending to have larger audience base. Create a strategy as per the sporting events or holidays.

Working on the Above Tips

Most popular brands are not the ones which benefit only from using hashtags to promote their brands. By following the above tips, an even small business can create a huge following on local basis and they can easily bring in more buyers for the business.  Suppose you are focusing on selling a lot of used construction materials. All you need to have a high-quality image of equipment you are going to post. Then start using hashtags strategically.

Use hashtag with your business name, like #RichardMachinery or anything. Then add a location, like #miami #california etc. Then, be specific and do your own research if you want to reach the target audience. This way, you may use hashtags like #farmingequipment or #buyequipment.

No matter if you are the owner of a bookstore, a clothing boutique or a world-renowned tech giant, use hashtags properly on Instagram to welcome the largest number of followers who actually want to buy your products.